finding yourself.

at a young age i didn’t realize my value. i was confused, wanted to fit in, and didn’t value the things that i treasure today. such as family, friends, my body, and my over all health. the answers were simply laid out in front of me but i could never grasp them, have the guts to change. realizing at the age of 20 what my true passions are has been the best thing i have done for myself.

by stepping outside my comfort zone, opening myself up to the world, opportunity, and chance. i have been able to conquer my greatest fears, goals, and find the real me. now this clearly didn’t happen overnight. being from a small town, small town mentality tends to follow, but i knew there was more. i was more. so, i finished college, explored, adventured, made the most of my time, and set off for a greater place that had been calling my name.

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