home & a little bit about me


I want to tell you a bit about myself and home. Home to me is a 100-acre farm in Arnprior, Ontario. A small town outside the Capital of Canada. I grew up camping, field walks, bailing hay, and annoying my sister. Typical little sister mischief. I have two amazing parents that I idolize and cherish. And of course a rocking older sister who shares none of the same interests as myself, but I loves her nonetheless. We are polar opposites in every way possible, seriously. My childhood was a whirlwind of fun and then high school hit.

In high school, grew up (so I thought) and tested every limit possible. I tested my parents, my friends, my boundaries, and myself. Obviously I had my fun, high school was a blast, and I can’t deny that. I learnt so much about myself, others, and what I thought I wanted in life, talking to others their goals blended into mine. Finally I realized I was unlike anyone else… I didn’t want school or a big house in 5 years, a marriage or to even be in the same country. Their goals weren’t mine, and my life is my own.

College came around and 2 years of volleyball, school, and work. It was challenging but in these years I met some of the most amazing people and cut ties with a few too. College taught me a lot… like I mean a lot. I met people who were like-minded. It was a liberating time in my life. I realized I had a passion for the gym, weightlifting, and I pursued writing some more. I planned trips for when I’d be out of school and have time and money. Life was looking up. I was looking up, and it was only the beginning.

As my ‘final’ year of school was coming to a close my best friend and roommate asked me to come to Australia with her. This was the best opportunity anyone could get. I hmm’d and haw’d and finally my parents said ‘do it!’ I was shocked, but so relieved.

Photo taken on the farm.
Photo taken on the farm.

So began a lot of saving, working, planning, and packing. I applied for my visa and was instantly granted, I packed up my apartment, I said so many goodbyes it hurt, and we set off to Australia on May 7th, 2015. I think my first moment of freedom was walking down to the Dee Why Beach here and realizing this is it, the ocean, this place, this is home for a year. It was the year of learning, growing, and adventuring.

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