its funny, i never thought of myself as smart. ever. i was always the class clown really. in college for my english literature class they had a large assignment worth 30%. your options were a 2000 word paper or a poem… naturally i chose the creative piece because well…it was way easier. i wrote this poem (below) and won a poem writing contest and $250? what the hell? who knew that i could do that. i astounded myself and realized how much i actually liked writing it. now i am no artist, nor do i think i am a brilliant weaver of words, but wow. poetry is something that is so simple, it comes so easily to me and i just love it. i’ll sit and think about my feelings, whats on my mind, and then it writes itself. my mood, my thoughts, my feelings, all strewn across the paper. who knows what i will write next.

Lying Under the Apple Tree: 

The pressures I feel,

The ideals of life,

For the small simple things I want and crave,

They are wrong,

These small passions I will bury,

It puts my mind at ease,

But hide it I must,

To wonder,



and poetry,

I want to wander,

To feel what I have not felt,

To see the blossoms,

To lie beneath,

The dangling pearly petals,

With the faint rosy smear,

To rest on the rough roots,

To dirty my blouse,

To view the world differently,

See the clouds blow on by,

For a moment,

And feel…at ease,

It wasn’t all I had imagined,

But none the less,

I had experienced it, felt it, and was in the moment,

To blend in or stand out,

I will always choose to blend,

To speak my mind or stay quiet,

I will always stay quiet,

To feel passion, arousal, and trust,

I will always feel betrayal,

To feel things I have never felt before,

He showed me that,

I felt lust and yearning,

But disloyalty was something I have never tasted,

Until then,

I will go and find a new lust,

For books are my safe place,

A new passion,

And submerse myself into,

For passion can be found in many places,

But books are my haven,

Betrayal has brought me my true love.

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