Dee Why to Manly Walk – 10 kms

Dee Why Beach at sunrise
Dee Why Beach at sunrise

So while I spend my year in Australia I am residing on Dee Why. It is an amazing suburb on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It’s a central location, an hour outside of the heart of the city. It has some unreal restaurants, a lovely beach, a lookout, and some really great cafes. It’s truly an amazing spot.

If in the Sydney area I highly recommend heading to the northern beaches. This short bus ride or drive is beyond worth it. It has so many areas to check out and beautiful beaches around.

Sunrise at my favourite cafe in Dee Why- Girdlers.
Sunrise at my favourite cafe in Dee Why- Girdlers.
Lovely hibiscus in full bloom. just some of the fauna you'll see on your walk.
Lovely hibiscus in full bloom. just some of the fauna you’ll see on your walk.

Dee Why to Curl Curl Beach: 

on the trail from Dee Why to North Curl Curl Beach. my favourite little cliff to sit and hang out on. just me and the ocean.
on the trail from Dee Why to North Curl Curl Beach. my favourite little cliff to sit and hang out on. just me and the ocean.

This is a short walk around 2 kilometers through a hidden trail, it begins at Dee Why Cliff Reserve and winds through to North Curl Curl beach. This was has cliffs, board walks, and breathe taking views. Many locals picnic on the cliffs and practice yoga.

This trail has lots of vegetation and wildlife. lots of lorikeets, kookaburras, and salamanders. be careful in magpie season, I got attacked once… never again.

Curl Curl Beach to Freshwater Beach:

Curl Curl Beach
Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl is a smaller beach compared to Dee Why, but its one of my favourites. Its a more rugged beach with no store fronts. its barely touched really. theres always huge swells and a lot of surfers daily, no matter the weather. Curl Curl is quite expansive and its less busy than a lot of other beaches in the area. theres a lovely little cafe called Gusto at the south end in the of the beach that has some really great food and coffee.

Curl Curl Boardwalk
Curl Curl Boardwalk

Once you reach the south end of Curl Curl beach past Gusto, and the pool theres a boardwalk. This boardwalk has benchs all along and is right on the rock cliffs on the ocean. I like to sit here on the rock cliffs and take it all in. It truly is an unreal spot that is always over looked by tourists.

Beautiful skies at Freshwater.
Beautiful skies at Freshwater.

Once the boardwalk ends you walk along the sidewalk to Freshwater Beach Lifesaving club and follow the path down to the beach. Freshwater beach is a small, family friendly beach that is in a great location. Its a great place to sun bathe, learn to surf because of the soft waves, and it has a nice little lookout spot. It is quite small but really beautiful none the less.

Freshwater Beach to Manly Beach:

Manly Beach
Manly Beach

On the south side of the beach a small stair case will take you to Manly. I will warn you… the stairs are killer, I don’t know if its the angle of the stairs or the height but wow. You will break a sweat. I swear it is worth it though! Once you reach the top walk straight down and go down the staircase- great views over the city so you will know where you are headed. Once you reach the base of the stairs, go down to the bridge, and walk along Manly Beach. It’s such a lovely beach.

Things to check out in Manly:

Manly beach is such a happening place all the time. Manly has a expansive walkway that goes all the way along the beach and leads to Shelley beach.

  • Markets – Saturdays and Sundays a market is held in the Corso. The markets have some really great products from bonsai trees to organic chocolate, and turkish towels to handmade jewellery.
  • Lunch or Dinner – I recommend the Manly Grill for a lovely lunch – my favourite is the pumpkin and feta salad. OR Mex&Co – they have some really tasty tacos and corn on the cob, reasonably priced as well.
  • Ice cream – For some unreal ice cream check out Copenhagen Ice cream – my favourite is the ferrero rocher flavour. seriously so amazing for $5.
  • Coffee –  Silo Cafe a little hidden cafe with an unreal brew. I have not had a bad coffee there at all. its reasonably priced and they have my absolute favourite- fig bars.

Shelley Beach:

Shelley Beach is a small beach at the south end of Manly Beach. if you stay on the walkway from Freshwater it will take you right to it. On Sundays they have barbeques and people go there often to learn how to snorkel (still on my list). Shelley Beach has some walkways that lead into the Sydney National Park and some other neat look outs.


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