Fog Island – a poem with a story

So I wrote this poem for a friend of mine. They were battling a hidden battle, depression. When they told me, I didn’t understand. I didn’t know how to approach it or how to comfort them. I didn’t understand what level of pain they were coping with. I will admit, I still do not understand it fully, nor will I, because I have never had depression or experienced it personally. But, I hope this poem brings to light a little bit about my ‘experience’ with depression.

I cannot feel your sorrow,

Nor can I understand it,

I do not understand you anymore,

I am lost in your pain,

I can feel it,

Feel it as it fills the air,

It satisfies this silent island,

It’s a heavy fog that clouds the water,

You cannot see past it,

You cannot see a future out there,

You feel alone,

Abandoned on a dark island,

And I cannot offer anything,

I cannot be the light you need,

Nor the foghorn to guide you home,

I cannot shelter you,

I cannot console you,

I can only watch from afar,

Try to understand,

Try to help you muddle your way through this,

It is the blind leading the blind,

To feel a sorrow that numbs the soul,

Dark thoughts that cloud the brain,

A vertigo that overwhelms the body,

A pain that crushes your spirit,

I cannot comprehend,

I cannot comfort you,

I cannot let you stay anchored to this island,

This torturous island,

It ruins you,

I cannot bear this any longer,

But I can sit,

I can wait,

I can paddle to shore,

Grab your hand,

Guide you home,

Lift the anchor that you have been bearing,

Lead you through this dreary night,

This lifeless fog,

Set sail for home,

And then,

We wait,

I can wait until you are you,

And the fog has cleared,

We now see,

See the world in all its bright colours.


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