I left my heart in the Lake District

So a hidden gem in England is the Lake District. I left it out of my last post, simply because I loved it so much I felt it deserved a piece all itself. The Lake District is a land of rolling green hills, vast lakes, thriving greenery, and the National Park itself. It is located at the most North West point of England and if you kept driving North you’d end up in Scotland. It is simply a place everyone must visit. This place is bold with colour, character, and refuses to be ignored – also the roads just scream ‘ROADTRIP!’



It is a land of small cottages, brightly painted doors, the lushest greenery one has ever seen, and of course the loveliest people. We began our journey in Liverpool and drove North into the National Park territory. It is unmistakable, and quaint but the landscape is unlike anything else.


IMG_9304_1024We drove through Preston and Lancaster to finally make it to Windermere; our first stop in the Lake District. We ventured out into this small and glorious town, simply the cutest. We made our way down to the docks at Windermere. We were greeted by the friendly sailors and boarded the ‘Miss Cumbria’ boat. We were given tea and shortbread for the journey and boarded the top of our humble boat. The weather was slightly overcast and was daring to rain. As we sailed around this beautiful land I realized how truly wonderful it was to be here just to take in this beautiful place. The houses were small, quaint, and lovely as ever, nothing was gaudy or flashy, nothing was over done. Everything was to their liking. We sailed past beautiful estates on the water and I admired the landscape, cottages, and everything this land had to offer. It truly was an experience. As it began to rain we ventured down for some more hot tea and finally came back a shore.


Wendy-cat (my mother) enjoying the rain.
Wendy-cat (my mother) enjoying the rain.


IMG_9330_1024As we toured up North some more we passed – the cutest and tiniest house in England.

Isn't it the cutest?
Isn’t it the cutest?

IMG_9407_1024We then ventured up to Grasmere, our next little town to pop in at. This small town was one of nicest towns we had ventured to. Everything was hand laid stone. The dividing fences, the houses, the signage. Simply amazing, it added such character and history to the town. It was hard to ignore the craftsmanship. We had a lovely and fresh lunch and walked through the town, ventured in and out of the gift shops, teashops, art shops, and bakeries.


IMG_9424_1024 IMG_9419_1024IMG_9448_1024 IMG_9452_1024 IMG_9454_1024

Finally as we departed, we drove through green pastures, rolling hills, past abandoned castles and rugged stone fences, and finally to Scotland. The Lake District is a must for anyone who admires nature, and its raw form. It was an absolute treat to visit, although short it was definitely an amazing experience. I shall be back.

IMG_9491_1024 IMG_9569_1024 IMG_9470_1024 IMG_9467_1024 IMG_9463_1024 IMG_9458_1024 IMG_9410_1024 IMG_9352_1024 IMG_9349_1024 IMG_9327_1024

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.” – Sylvia Plath

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