forgotten road maps

My life is a neatly folded and forgotten road map,

I have the greatest intentions,

Endless details,

Lines and curves,

Dreams and ambitions waiting to be unfolded,

I am an opportunity not yet fully discovered,

I have not reached my full potential yet,

But I am simply a forgotten thought,

A waiting ambition,

But here is where my journey begins,

I am slowly unfolded,

Straightened out,

Remembered and looked at with amazement,

I am a sudden realization that life is an expedition,

A reminder that life is supposed to be a wild and untamed adventure,

Unplanned and rugged,

That this is just the beginning of a long story,

A story of travel,

Of love,

Of smarts,

Of wit,

And of self discovery,

To me,

We are all a forgotten folded up road map,

We are just waiting for the day when we are opened up,

Have the dust blown off,

Break in the creases never yet unfolded,

And find out we are not a 1 state map,

We are not a minuscule scale,

A portion of this country,

But, the entire world map laid out before us,

And so we rise to the sun,

We drive the dirt roads,

We climb the mountains,

We find the secret passages,

We follow the dotted lines,

We swim in unknown waters,

and we tick off the states,

We begin our voyage of the world,

We discover every line of our old paper,

We straighten out every crease,

We no longer see ourselves as an escaped chance,

Or glimmer of life that has gotten away,

We are no longer a useless map,

But a spinning globe and endless destinations,

and glorious voyages to be had.



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