Happiness Flooding My Body

I do not see black and white,

I do not see straight lines,

I do not see challenges,

I do not see sorrow,

I do not see angst,

I do not feel doubt or depression,

I feel bright colours,

Warmth on the coldest days,

Happiness flooding my body,

A welcoming peacefulness,

Blood coursing through my veins,

Challenges I can overcome,

A future I love,

Lust that overwhelms my soul,

Passion that takes over my body,

I do not understand sorrow,

Nor dwelling,

I am not the one,

Who doubts,

Nor fears,

Nor feels sorrow,

I am the one who feels nothing,

But numbing happiness,

Who chooses to look past all the wicked things we feel,

I choose to feel nothing but happiness flooding my body,

Filling my brain,

And emitting it into this wicked universe.

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