Barron Canyon Trail – 1.5 k

I truly believe in the saying ‘collect moments, not things’ I have realized that these memories for me are more important than anything. I treasure my time amongst good company, beautiful views, and the ever-abundant nature that surrounds us. I had wanted to go to Algonquin Park for years, heck, my entire life really. I hadn’t gone? How strange. I would travel across the world but couldn’t drive 2.5 hours from my house to a haven of beautiful cliffs, flowing waters, welcoming trees, and wildlife.


Maybe it was the anticipation of going, or the build up, but I didn’t regret waiting one bit. I think I had grown from loving nature from a distance, to completing being in awe of its amazing ways, the vibrant colors it boasts, the delicate way it tosses and turns, and the way it can cope. In Canada, it never ceases to amaze me how the trees, plants, and grass can be covered in snow for months, and then spring back up into life in Spring.


Anyways, so at the beginning of May I told my mother to take the day off work. We were going on an adventure. (Insert Hobbit meme here) hehe. So we rose up early that day, had a hearty breakfast and packed a lunch. We were off. So it took about 2.5 hours of highway, dirt roads, and a lot of potholes to get there but Mom and I agreed. It was more than worth it.


We pulled up to the Barron Canyon Trail and I knew we were in for a treat. Once you park, the trail is a blissful 1.5-kilometer walk. Slightly steep, but harmless. If was a trail of pine needle covered soft earth, with moss covering every surface possible, and tall looming trees to guide your way. Once you make the journey you are flooded with a picturesque view of miles, and miles, of beautiful trees, the Barron Canyon waterway, and a the terrifying 100-meter drop down to it. It was so windy that day I remember not wanting to get too close because the wind was that strong.

IMG_2546_1024 IMG_2549_1024 IMG_2553_1024IMG_2557_1024

What I loved was – it wasn’t commercialized, there were no fences from the ledges. It shocked me really, that there was no fence but it made you feel that much more on top of the world. I sat on the ledge and breathed in the fresh air. There was also not another person in sight, just my mother and I, and this glorious view. It seemed endless. I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. The air was so fresh, the water so inviting, and the trees just seemed so humble and welcoming. I think its when you visit places like this that make you think, they make you feel small, but make you feel great. Nature is amazing.

IMG_2575_1024 IMG_2584_1024 IMG_2585_1024
G0021313_1024 IMG_2579_1024

We explored along the edge for a good while, just in awe, and then headed back to the car. Just when you thought the good views were over too! The trail is quite well marked and well beaten down.

IMG_2618_1024 IMG_2621_1024 IMG_2611_1024

Such a lovely walk, if you have the time to do it I would highly recommend it! It is sure a sight to be seen. One of Canada’s wonders for sure. I kind of like how it was a well kept secret, but the locals know it.


GOPR1245_1024 GOPR1254_1024 IMG_2595_1024
GOPR1404_1024 GOPR1414_1024 GOPR1416_1024

‘Let us act on what we have, since we have not what we wish’ – John Newman


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