I met an old friend tonight

I met an old friend tonight,

Like I do every night,

In my favourite hideaway spot,

This spot was made for thinking,

It was made for adventures of the mind,

To ponder life,


Anything really,

The cliffs luring,

Your feet dangling,

The waves rolling,

The flowers dancing,

The silence daunting,

Not an echo,

Not a soul to be found,

Just you,

And the ocean,

This old friend gets it,

We sit quietly,


No words need to be spoken,

Nor feelings need to be shown,

I sit,

Dangling my feet over the edge,

Just above my old acquaintance,

Staring out into the abyss,

Feelings blank and yet so clear,

Thoughts focused yet so scattered,

The ocean will solve it,

So I sit with my old companion a little longer,

I will be just fine.

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