Eye to Eye

Do not tell me I cannot achieve something,

Do not bring me down,

Do not doubt me,

Do not write me off,

Do not under estimate my dreams or myself,

And do not try to dull me down,

For I feel bad for you,

I only wish you could see what I see,

The world in all its colours,

Its amazing light,

And its joyous ways,

I am not a half thought,

I am not a doubter,

I am a do’er,

I am a dreamer if anything,

So do not doubt me,

For the fighter in me will prove you wrong,

And the saint in me will pity you,

Our backgrounds,

Our goals,

And lives may be different,

But please do not second-guess me,

Do not under estimate me,

If anything try to understand me,

Try to be unrealistic for a moment,

Try to see me for me,

And I will see you for you,

And maybe one day we will see eye to eye

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