pushing forward

So I sat in silence

Looking for inspiration,

Something to grasp,

Pull close,

And hold on tightly to,

What is it that keeps me going?

This constant yearning for more,

More from myself,

To reach the horizon,

And sigh in completeness,

Why was I constantly searching?

What was out there?

Why did it whisper my name?

It tempted my heart,

Pulled my mind adrift,

For I knew what I felt like to feel alive,

Ignited in the moment,

And intrigued,

Moments like that are something we need,

Its keeps every person looking forward,

Looking up into the sky,

It keeps us searching our souls and minds,

Whether it’s the long climb up a mountain,

Just to reach the top,

Or to sit and soak it all in,

It’s all about the realization of making it,

Gratitude for life,

And the moment we are in,

It’s about the journey,

And what made it worthwhile,

It’s the instants we look back,

And sigh,

With a full heart,

Glowing eyes,

And a wandering spirit.

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