floating with her.

I stood with my feet on the shore,

The water nipping my toes,

I needed answers,

So I stood here hoping for a miracle,

I could normally sort things out here better,

She was waving me in,

An old friend,

Grabbing me by the hand,

Pulling me into another venture,

I embraced it,

So I forgot the shore,

And threw myself in with her,

I floated away,

On my back,

Looking into the light,

It blinded me,

But I couldn’t be bothered,

I smiled,

I knew this was her way of showing me,

She knew the answers,

She knew my fate,

She just wanted me to make the journey,

Feel it myself,

The water tickled my skin,

Tossed my hair in the waves,

And my mind flowing like her waters,

The answers became clear,

The sun no longer blinded me,

The salt water no longer stung me,

The gravity no longer pushed me down,

I was free in my own mind,

My own waters,

She set me free,

She set me forward,

I didn’t need answers,

I needed her,

She was the answer.

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