So she wrote from her heart,

And not from her mind,

The words trickled onto the page,

Not because they were forced,

But because it brought clarity,

It brought truth,

And it was as though a symphony was being composed before her eyes,

It was not a cluster of words,

It was a clearly laid out orchestra of feelings,

Of dreams,

Of hopes,

Of fights,

And feelings,

It was words that couldn’t be spoken,

But could be written,

It was the deepest secrets,

The darkest parts that no one admits,

It wasn’t written to impress,

It was written to confess,

To sort the confused,

To find wisdom and clarity in a scattered mind,

To find inner peace,

And a beautiful work of talent,

Just waiting to be written,

Waiting to be orchestrated,

It dances in your mind,

It’s the melody your heart wants to sing,

And the words you haven’t found yet.

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