In that instance she realized,

She wouldn’t find the answers in her room,

Written on the walls,

Or tucked in her bed sheets,

But out there,

By herself,



Through the forests,

Or in the dark cloaked nights,

The ocean would whisper,

The clouds would dance,

The sun would tickle her pale skin,

It was not the quiet she needed,

Or the filled book shelves in her small room,

But the outdoors she always read about,

The photos she always longed to hop into,

The waterfalls she always dreamt of bathing in,

The ocean she always fantasized about dipping in,

The moss covered forest floors she always craved to lay upon,

The rock faces she yearned to trace her fingertips upon,

The answers were never far,

Just outside her bedroom door,

Waiting to be heard,

Waiting to be found,

Waiting to bring light to the untouched skin,

And show her,

Her natural beauty,

And mother natures too.

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