I said to myself,

Here we go again,

And I let myself go,

But I’ve lost now,

So why open up to him,

Reveal the bad bits,

The truth,

The words we have never bared before,

And share all we did,

To lead to no where,

To lead me into an ocean of passion,

And watch me drown in it,

But I’d been here before,

So slowly I crawled to the light,

I felt my lungs fill,

I pulled myself to breathe in the salty air,

I crawled to shore,

Collapsed with dismay and exhaustion,

And felt my tears sting my eyes,

I’d survived,

Pushed forward,

And did the impossible,

I survived yet another heartbreak,

Yet another embarrassing bout of desire,

So why do I do this to myself,

Why do we do this to each other?


Because we know what love is,

We see it everyday,

In a mothers eyes,

In your parents nurture,

In an unknown couples embrace,

So we continue to long for what we know is so out of reach,

Have a glimmer of hope at something untouchable,

I’ll continue to never settle,

I’ll continue to throw myself in every ocean,

To be tossed in the waves of passion,

And drown in my own sorrow,

This quest for love;

Its high tide with rough waters,

And few make it.

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