In the moment.

This year for me has been a lot of self-discovery mentally, physically, and emotionally.


On many levels this year may have been classified as ‘my year’. I finished college, quit my job, picked up and moved to Sydney, Australia from a small town in Canada. I am now working full time and travelling in between down under. It’s a pretty great get up I cant deny it. But this year was a milestone as well because I turned 21. (I always said I’d celebrate it in Vegas, but Noosa, was even better I think.)


I feel like when you turn 20 you have this thought where you are like ‘okay you’re 20 now, smarten up’. Because I remember growing up and looking at 20 year olds and being like ‘okay you’re old, and must be wise and have your s*** together’. Well here I am, 21 now in fact, and I have never been so comfortable with myself not having my shit together.


I have always been one to worry. I love to be organized, in control, and I am always one step ahead of the game. This year I said goodbye to that. I realized all my favorite memories and feelings came from being in the moment, and just going with it. Sure I could ‘smarten up’ and go back to school, get a degree, pay off my school loans for 20 years, buy a car I cant afford, and then buy a house, have kids or whatever. But for me, that feeling doesn’t resonate at all. It just isn’t in my blood. Sure one day I will do that… I just don’t see it happening for me for quite some time.


So sure, I guess you could say I ‘smartened up’ this year. But not necessarily how you would think. I learnt that going with the moment is good, being unprepared is okay, and sometimes the best things just fall together.


I’m not sure where I will be in a year, nor in a month, nor in a week, but I know I will be happy all the while doing it.


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