body of love.

Your body will want you to go to battle,

To fight yourself through thick and thin,

Through self hate and love,

Your mind will fail you,

It will believe the worst,

It will compare you to others,

It will pick out your flaws and hold them against you,

It will trust others words,

And settle for their opinions,

But why,

Why would your body turn against you?

To become a self loathing person,

A girl who is uncomfortable in her own skin,

Who doesn’t understand the true beauty she is,

That is not you,

Nor should it be,

So be brave,

Embrace you,

Embrace the brain you have,

The marks and scars your skin carry from the battles you’ve fought,

The soft curves of your skin,

The things you can change,

And the things you cant,

Don’t be embarrassed to bare it,

To accept yourself,

And be comfortable with it,

If you love yourself a little more today,

Maybe others will too,

And self-love is the best thing we can do for ourselves.


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