water droplets.

It’s the smallest moments that take you by surprise,

That pulls your heartstrings,

And make you embrace the delicate time we have,

It’s the water trickling off lush green leaves,

And watching the droplets race,

Or watching the bead hang for endless seconds,

Before plunging into the abyss,

It’s the small moments like that,

That make you reflect and realize,

You are merely a water droplet on a leaf,

And you’re holding on for dear life,

Making the moment last,

And scared of the unknown,

It is only once you jump into the unfamiliar,

That you realize you are exactly where you are supposed to be,

You’ve made it,

And it’s from each plunging fall to the next,

That we realize that life is gripping moments like these,

Where we are scared,

But we fall into the abyss,

The next puddle,

And we always come out stronger than before.


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