I realized,


They mistook my kindness for weakness,

My smiles for stupidity,

And my positivity for being naïve,

We are in a troubled world,

Where happiness seems dull and boring,

Where everyone challenges each other to find the most misery,

I am not weak,

Nor stupid,

Nor am I naïve,

I know what world we live in,

The challenges we face,

The peace people fight for everyday,

The mental battles each of us step into daily,

I know the struggles,


But the difference is,

I choose to set those aside,

And be a light for those facing battles,

I choose to be a better person,

For myself,

For others,

And for the world,

Everyone has a complaint,

But everyone also has a choice,

A choice to be happy,

To look to the future,

And share a vision of happiness.


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