I wasn’t like her,

I wasn’t like her at all,

Maybe it was her snide remarks,

Or her gloomy past,

Filled with drama and hate,

She was confused to say the least,

Lost at the most,

She was seeking all the wrong people for stability or love,

She chose the vulnerable and wanted help,

She was lost,

Leading others into the oblivion,

Maybe it was her treacherous relationships,

Or how she loved too much,

With nothing in return,

How she would push to hard,

Try to please everyone too much,

How she neglected her body,

But wanted to please so many people with it,

Maybe it was her drunken statements,

Or how confident the words slid out of her mouth,

The liquid courage was all she ever needed,

It made her feel like 10 times the woman she was sober,

She didn’t understand herself,

What confidence was,

Or how much more was out there for her,

She was a mess,

To say the least,

A desperate soul,

Looking for confirmation,





That she couldn’t find inside of her self,

I shook my head,

Splashed water on my pale face,

Looked in the mirror,

And this was it,

This was when times would change,

I said goodbye to this confused teen,

I kissed goodbye high school,

I left behind a lost soul,

But gained new eyes,

And a newfound freedom.


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