I write best when I am in a mood,

Not just any mood,

But a mood that makes me sit,

And want to listen to melodies,

To make me hold each second a little longer,

I weave my hands behind my head,

I lay back,

And suddenly there you are,

Like a mirage of water on a highway,

You are in my grasp but yet so far away,


But I write best when I feel you sitting beside me,

I feel your presence encircle me,

and you’re smiling and embracing me to carry on,

For that you will forever be my core,

My inspiration,

My patience when I need it most,

My perseverance,

And my last thought,

You will always be my person,

That brings me out of this mood,

Or into it,

I throw myself into the unknown,

Because I know you’re there,




And embracing the time I have,

Because yours fell short,

You will always be my favourite person to confide in,

My reasoning,

And my very reason for being,

And for that,

I thank you.


Warning: This poem will make you think of someone. Tell them you love them.


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