Happy Australia Day!

Ah, Australia. How can I describe you in a few words? It’s impossible really. So instead I will share some of my favorite things about STRAYA.




  1. Mate- Friend
  2. Reckon- What do you think
  3. Far out- No way
  4. Bogan- Hick
  5. Flat out- Really busy
  6. Tomato sauce- Ketchup
  7. Thongs- Flip Flops
  8. Chook- Chicken
  9. Toilet- Bathroom
  10. Hey- Eh?
  11. Full stop- Period
  12. Arvo- Afternoon
  13. Root- Sex
  14. Lippy-Lipstick
  15. Top shelf- The best
  16. Good on ya- Good for you
  17. Taking the piss- Making fun of someone
  18. Cuppa-A cup of tea
  19. You’re alright – That’s okay or no worries
  20. Devo- Devostating
  21. Going off- Good fun
  22. Heaps- a lot
  23. She’ll be right – it’ll be okay
  24. No worries- that’s okay
  25. Durry- cigarette


And finally, my personal favorite:

How ya goin?

Which just means how are you… in a very strange way.



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