fuck your standard life

Fuck your standard life,

I am sick of your perpetual worrying,

And your unauthentic self,

You truly don’t get it,

Nor will you,

You are a one-dimensional soul,

You are tearing me down for your lack of self-understanding,

Judge me for living,

For smiling,

For dreaming,

It only excites me,

To prove to you what life can be,


You smirk at my excitement,

And roll your eyes at my passion,

But truly,

If only you knew,

The feeling of freedom,

Of growing,

Of living,

Of fulfillment,

Only then would you understand,


This life is not meant to be dependent,

Or repetitive,

Fearful or dry,

Life is exactly what you believe it is not,

It is waking up to watch the sunrise,

And reading books till you cannot keep your eyes open any longer,

It is walking till your knees ache and your feet blister,

It is getting outside to experience the vast beauty of this world,

And never tiring of the small things,

It is speaking of the good times and the ones yet to come,

But learning from the worst,

It is longing for experiences and not things to pass the time,

It is singing aloud and out of tune,

It is doing what makes your skin glow,

Your lungs heave,

Your eyes crinkle,

And your soul smile,


So believe me when I say,

Fuck your standards,

And your beliefs,

So judge me for what I am,

And what I am not,

But at the end of the day,

Will you be happy on your last day?


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