torment me.

The thoughts of you torment me,

Through the hours of the day,

And the mind numbing moments of the night,

Your presence lingers,

It corrupts the purest thoughts,

The simplest of dreams,

And easiest of times,

You somehow drift in and out of my mind,

Send chills up and down my spine,

And I feel it,

In my chest,

In my mind,

And on my heart,

You are a mere dream,

A pure one,

Free of fear,

Of hate,

Of loss,

You are an image of the carelessness and freedom,

And that is all I have ever craved,

So instead,

I am trapped,

Not careless and free,

But in your grasp,

You have a grip on my heart,

A place in my mind,

And a divine connection with my soul.

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