no small talk.

With her,

There was no small talk,

No bullshit,

And no fake feelings,

It was all or nothing,

And truly,

That was the beauty of it,

Not many people knew her like I did,

I was one of the few that got to experience her glory,

Her real self,

And that alone was enough to make anyone feel special,

But when you spoke,

You were the sun,

And when she spoke,

Everything else fell silent,

There is something so stunningly amazing,

About cutting the fake stuff,

Laughing for hours about nothing,

But all at once revealing yourself,

Little by little,

We remembered memories that were once gone,

And we remembered what it was to speak of something other than the weather,

But that was what we did best,

She didn’t like small talk,

And she didn’t like being inside,

And neither should anyone,

Its when we quit being scared,

To say the scary things,

And quit being content and comfortable in the known,

That’s when the world shifts,

And conversation happens,

Feelings get startled and awoken,

And that’s when I knew,

We would be friends forever.

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