I write about things that move me,

And make me think,

So I guess that’s you,

You’re my latest muse,

And most people long to be it,

Be involved,

And saught after,

But not you,

You simply are,

You are what you are,

And that is that,

You don’t have reason nor rhyme,

And you come and go as you please,

You are elusive,

And mysterious,

And you are everything,

Everyone else is not,


I cannot read you,

Or figure you out,

But something I do know,

Is that you truly are one of a kind,

You turn others into black and white mimes,

You put my passion to shame,

And make me truly think,

You inspire me,

And that is the beauty of it all.


While others long to be a muse,

And put on a mask for the world,

You stand tall,

You bare it all,

And that,

That is muse worthy,

That is where passion is planted,

And poetry is written.

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