the good, the bad, and the embrace.

I suppose the greatest lesson I have learnt so far is,

Knowing the bad days make the amazing days even fiercer,

Understanding that self loathing can also bring light to self love,

Feeling scared and helpless magnifies the moments of empowerment and fearlessness,

Watching the storm rollover brings beauty to the sunlight peaking through the clouds,

Darkness intensifies and brightens the light coming,

Pushing through moments of doubt and exhaustion brings mental strength and accomplishment,

And I believe regardless of your mindset,

There will always be people,

Who cannot see happiness or inspiration in anything,

Cannot understand you for what you are,

Cannot see this stunning world and embrace their time on it,

And from that,

We learn to embrace the amazing people around us,

Bask in the good moments,

Be thankful for the bad ones,

And quickly learn why people are shuffled in and out of lives for a reason,

Magnify the love,

Embrace happiness,

Attract the good,

And be thankful for the bad days too.


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