you are the first and last of your kind.

‘you are the first and last of your kind’ – alt-j

This has always been a quote that has stuck with me. Regardless of the song, the band, or how much I love it, the lyrics always got me. Throughout any time in my life I felt as though many people didn’t see the world the way I did. So I was forever striving to see things from their perspective. It’s something that I learnt from a very young age and I am glad I did.

Over the last few years I have began to ‘stray from the norm’ I guess. I realized I didn’t fit in in my small town, and I didn’t want to either. Don’t get me wrong, I admire people who are driven and want to dedicate their life to something they love, and are forever striving to reach their goal. That is admirable. But my goals were always different. I didn’t want to reach for the same goals as them.

Something that has really brought clarity to me is learning to trust yourself, and your gut feeling.

If you are confident in yourself, and your beliefs others will respect you for it. So go hang from trees upside down, and make snow angels and sing really loud, go bake a cake, and climb a couple mountains. Do what you feel like doing, regardless of what others are doing, because in the end you wont regret it. If it feels right to you, do it.


So heres to trusting your gut, setting goals, and making shit happen.

After all ‘you are the first and last of your kind’.


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