saturated eyes.

I looked into those saturated eyes,

Kind and forgiving,

But we knew something that was unsaid,

This was it,

To look forward and walk the opposite way,

Or to lie here,

Clasped hands,

Embracing each other,

Just like we had a thousand times before,

It just felt right,

So I said nothing,

And pulled myself closer,

I turned my head to the hazy light,

Warm and glowing,

He hummed our favorite tune,

So I hummed along too,

In a dazed trance,

I traced my hand along his softly freckled back,

I smelt that favorite scent,

I basked in the moment,

And then I closed my eyes,

For I knew what was coming wasn’t sweet,

It wasn’t what I wanted,

But it was what I needed.

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