I guess no one knew what was going on in my mind,

Not even me,

So when I said it out loud,

It was hard to bare,

To admit,

Exactly what I wanted,

And to choose to stray from you,


and the known,

I knew it shocked you,

You were what made me fearless,

And you loved to hear me say it,

But eventually you did your job to well,

And this was no longer a girl with a closed mind,

But a wandering soul,

Chasing her mind,

And consoling herself,

You made me fearless,

Fearless enough to step away from you,

Into the greatest thing I feared,

To be alone,

Into the unchartered territory of my mind,

And without you,

That was what you made me,

So strong and free spirited,

That soon the biggest hurdles were in the past,

And all that was laid out before me,

Didn’t include you at all.


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