free falling

I didn’t want to fall out of love,

I just tumbled,

And along the way,

The things that once made me love you,

Became resentment,

And the things that we used to joke about,

Became dull,

And that was when I knew,

You saw it too,

I was no longer the mysterious soul you longed to know,

I was another simple mind to you,

And that was clear,

We had verbalized every thought,

Every feeling,

Down to the bone you knew me,

And I knew you,

I traced your spine so many times,

It felt like my own,

And whispered the same words of love in your ear a million times,

So when all is said and done,

And you know what the other is thinking,

Through the hate and the misery,

The unsaid emotions and wandering thoughts,

That was when you stopped showing up,

And stopped caring,

That was when love turned to resentment,

And what was once an enticing and exciting journey,

Came to an abrupt end,

And finally when I fell to the bottom,

I learnt why sometimes your mind free falls,

And escapes you,

But finally when you land,

As sudden and unwanted as it is,

It is a base for you to grow again,

And free-fall into the unknown.

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