I sat watching time pass by the water,

A time lapse happening before me,

My entire life,

All compressed into tonight,

From start to finish,

I couldn’t have foreseen this,

And no one could have really,

Could we anticipate love and hope,

Or danger and despair,

Could we feel the pain of remorse and agonizing loss,

And heightened love and affection for someone all at once,

I watched as time moved around me,

In a darkened and lulled light,

And all those I knew slowly drifted backwards into the abyss,

I watched the world crumble,

And Mother Nature turns her back and tortures us,

I watched as everything I valued in life was torn away,

Until finally the ocean swallowed me whole,

And I said goodbye to this sweet life,


I awoke with a sweat,

I gripped my sheets,

And felt my skin,

I was alive,

Another day,

To begin life anew.

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