No I never did figure it out,

And suppose I never do,

Will I look back and question every thought that ever passed through,

This tormented mind,

And will I rewrite these lines,

Question my mind,

My sanity,

For the sake of yours,

Most won’t get it,

But if one does,

That’s it for me,

To know others write words in their mind,

And re-read them to decipher their meaning,

To unravel your own brain,

And what the hell you’re doing,

What makes me tick,

And why I can’t seem to settle,

I’m desperately looking for clarity,

In this blurred mind,

These are the thoughts of an optimist,

In a dull light,

With uninspired and unoptimistic souls,

Its hard to carry on and not feel like the only,

Only one down here,

Like your kind,

But that’s alright,

I’ll keep searching this world,

Keep searching my mind


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