Wollongong – 225 kms

I had the absolute pleasure not to long ago to embark on a little roadtrip with some friends from work. It was thought out and planned, and I had been looking forward to it for a long time. One of the girls actually grew up in Woollongong – a city 1 hour South of Sydney, so we made the journey down to visit her sister and stay with her. 

We started off our Saturday with mass amounts of coffee on a cold and blustery morning. Is there really another way to do it? We headed south out of Sydney and met up with her sister just outside Royal National Park.thumb_IMG_1598_1024.jpg

Side Note: Royal National Park is this dreamy National Park jus through the city south of Sydney in a place called the ‘Shire’. How cute. But I had wanted to go there since I had gotten here, 10 months ago. Well I don’t have a car, and public transport would take the whole day to get just on the outskirts of it. So when they suggested we go (and I coaxed them into it a little too) I was squealing with excitement. 


Our first stop was Royal National Park – Wattamolla Beach. This is a pretty well known spot that I highly recommend. Even on a slightly over cast day, and the sun peaking through it was stunning and fairly private to. We arrived early before most people so we soaked in the silence and the water was beautiful. The walk down to the beach is about 1 kilometer through a wooded area and right along the water. 



Now we chose to go to Wattamolla Beach for a reason, theres 10 meter cliffs you can jump off of into the water. So clearly, I had to hop in. We had to go around the back of the cliff. I hopped a gate (which left some bruises) and then pulled open the steel gate for Tara to climb through. As soon as we got up I knew I just had to jump, it didn’t look like 10 meters anymore, more like 20. 


So a deep breathe and a hop, and it felt like I was flying. My adrenaline was pumping so much, I live for that feeling.

Before the hop.

We went back to the beach and swam a bit more. I of course had to crawl all over the amazing rocks on the edge and check out the formations. Then finally the promising clouds began to pour down, we grabbed the ‘esky’ (that means cooler in Aussie lingo), and headed back to the car along the trail. 



Driving through Royal National Park is such a treat, the lush green forest hugs the road, and makes you feel so small and at peace. A poem of two may have been written about my love for it. 


We headed South along the coastal road, and the views and little towns were adorable! It was such a scenic drive. We stopped for a picnic at Sharky’s beach, the sun had come out and we had a massive picnic packed. We indulged in good food and a view! It also turns out that every man and his dog was out that day (literally) so we made tons of dog friends.

Picnic with a view.

As we entered Wollongong I instantly loved it. It is situated in the nicest spot, inland is these large looming green mountains covered in gum trees, and the city sits at its feet, with the ocean hugging the other side. It’s such a stunning contrast. We stopped along the way to check out a few favourite spots, and beaches. 



We got cleaned up and headed out to do the ‘touristy’ things in Wollongong which the girls who grew up there admitted they never even did! We walked the waterfront, the lighthouse, and the neat rock formations. 





That night we headed out for some of the best Thai food I have ever had in my life. I seriously couldn’t eat another bite, we were planning to go out, but instead we watched some chick flicks and ate strawberries with chocolate, I was not complaining.

The next morning we rose and set our sites on the best milkshake in Australia! I’m not sure if it has that title, but wow it was amazing. I had seen a couple photo’s of it before and I knew I had to have one. We went to Blu Orange, a waterfront cafe in Wollongong and I got a massive Nutella milkshake, with whipped cream, hazelnut sticks, Swedish berry candies, Tim Tams, and more whipped cream. I swear, it was a game changer for my sweet tooth.


After that we headed out to the Forager’s Markets in a large barn just outside of Wollongong. It was such a neat spot! I got a beautiful ‘kicking donkey’ coffee, and a wholegrain sourdough loaf for the week. I could have spent the whole day there, and a lot of money too I’m sure! It was such a  unique market, and had such a good vibe! 

After that we headed up the mountains, ah, heaven! I seriously have such an addiction to these massive boundless green havens. We drove up, and up, and up, to the mountain top and came out to Sublime Lookout. Another spot the locals hadn’t visited before! It gave us views for miles, Wollongong and the mountains seemed endless. The ocean waved hello from down below. Such a good way to end the road trip!




Looking North.

We headed back to the City with good tunes and a few snacks. I live for road trips! Cheers to the Wollongong girls for such a good weekend. xx 

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