his palm

He had me in his palm,

And over time,


It was as though he had shrunk me down,

To the core,

Someone I didn’t recognize,

Someone I didn’t know or love,

That’s what he did,

And as I sat in his palm,

Delicate and small,

He crushed me like all the others,

Just as he clenched me in his palm,

I forgot how invincible,

How undeniable,

And how confident I was once,

He had worn me down to someone I no longer knew,

And when he broke me,

Every bit of love I felt,

And things that I knew,

Shattered along with my mind,

I let him in,

Only to break me,

Shatter me,

Piece by piece,

That was his gift,

And mine was tying myself back together,

With the lace that once bound me together,

His gift was a blessing,

An earth shattering gift.

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