I fled as quickly as I came into this world,

And let my mind explore the subtleties of life,

And it hit me,

I have learnt something,

It took 20 years,

It is not the hours in the day,

The minutes of the clock,

It is the moments of awe and loss of words,

The moments of silence and strength,

That is what builds us up,

These moments make us,

They force us to think,



And fester the unwanted feelings,

Deep down we know what we long for,

What we want,

But it’s moments that spark your mind,

Make you think the unknown is endless,

And you are here to embrace it,

So do not get caught in the patterns of life,

The known,

And stay in your comfortable backyard,

Hop the fences,

Cut the chains,

And break free of the typical,

How else do we escape.


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