up with the sun, down with the moon

Over the last couple months I have decided to become a morning person. Who knew that was possible? I was clueless to what was waiting outside my window until my first Australian sunrise in Byron Bay back in December. That was it for me, I am hooked.

Sure I had seen some at home, here and there, but nothing really grabbed my head and shook me until that fateful 4 a.m. wake up call in Byron Bay. I remember walking up the steps in the pitch black, and being so weirdly awake and alive. The ocean air was pushing through the wooded trail and I just felt so invigorated.  We climbed to the lighthouse, and in that moment, the sun peaked through and my mouth dropped. Everything went silent, and it felt as though the sun has rose that day just to glow upon my face. That was it for me, that glistening moment of pure, unrefined mother nature. 

So when I can drag myself from my bed before work at 5:00 a.m. I leap out of bed (hobble) and head down to the light. This is why I simply love this place. Silent moments, that speak to you more than you can imagine. Breathing the salty air into my lungs. I exhale the mornings exhaust, and inhale this moment.

Everyone I speak to says Western Australia has some of the best sunrise’s and sunset’s. I am in for a treat. In 2 days I head West, for what will be a trip of lifetime. Can’t wait to get a few more sunrises under my belt. 

Up with the sun, down with the moon. 








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