i walk myself through your house.

In my head I walked myself through your house,

Over and over,

And each room,

You were a ghost,

Bustling around,


Sipping your tea,

And smiling at me,

Memories of my childhood,

10 years past,

But you stayed to remind me of the little things,

That’s what makes it,

So when I felt a memory slipping away,

I would grip it tight,

And put it on replay,

To engrain you back in my mind,

Remember the smell of you,

How you embraced me and how it felt,

Your aged hands and the rings you wore,

The way you would tuck me in,

And turn out the lights,

And like the clothing you sewed for me,

I stitched back the memories of my childhood back together,

Piece by piece,

And one thing alike you were there,

Like time hadn’t changed,

And you were still here,

You carried on,

Just like I do everyday without you

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