it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

Today was the day I dreaded for 364 days. 364 days of sun, smiles, travelling, adventuring, working, and embracing Australia. As I packed up my bags and said goodbye to what seemed like hundreds of people, I felt purely numb. I had all my keepsakes, photos, and gifts for people back home, so I crammed them into my suitcases very last minute and tried to ignore my looming fate at the airport. I went to the beach, I said my goodbyes, but it didn’t feel real and vivid, just merely a temporary thought. It still hasn’t really hit me yet, that I have left Australia. So I sit here in the Los Angeles airport. Comparing everything that I left in Australia to this. The coffee doesn’t even compare. It’s cold and cloudy – Australia was never like that for long. I have this strange feeling that everything will soon be a comparison.


I dreaded going home, everyday I made sure I soaked up some bit of Australia. Some piece of the ocean, some walk around the beaches, embraced all the touristy things, and searched for the hidden gems. I feel like I have done so much, and seen so much, felt so much and yet I feel like I have done nothing at all.


I know this isn’t goodbye; it is a see you later. So home I go, back to Canada and hello to my family, friends, and familiarity. I know this year will be different, moving back in with my family, working and saving, but I know that I have a lot ahead of me. I have plenty of new experiences and adventures to engross myself in, and soon Australia will be all but a memory.


P.s. it also helps I got Australia tattooed on my ankle with my favourite beaches co-ordinates!


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