Well I am home now, back to the farm and back to the small town life. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss Australia – because frankly I think about it everyday. Everyday I think back to something amazing that happened to me while I was there, and try to remember the moment and the feeling.

Home is home, and I have realized that I have changed in enormous ways, and for me this was my goal. I went to Australia to change my perspective, to change my outlook on life, and grow as a person. But coming back to a place that seemed to have forgotten time… that is a little perplexing.

I definitely look at home differently now though. I mean I live in a glorious place, with 100 acres to roam around. I can watch the sunrise and sunset over the trees, and get to be in it all. That to me was something I never really appreciated before. I also have been spending tons of time with my parents, as while I was away they were my biggest supporters in everything I did. So now it is my time to support them, and help them out. It also helps they are my favourite people in the world … but you know. 

Since I have gotten home everyone has been so excited to see me, it makes me excited too. But the questions are always the same. “How was Australia?” and my personal favourite: “Would you go back?”

I can’t put into word’s my answer to “How was Australia?” because truly, I haven’t found the words yet to really sum it all up. So I just keep saying ‘unreal, greatest year yet.’ And they seem to like that reply.

“Would you go back?” Hell yes. Is the best reply I have come up with. To me right now, Australia seems all but a crazy and wild dream. I keep thinking that I dreamt it and then woke up and went back to the small town life. But I didn’t and thank goodness for that. I tell everyone here they have to go, simply because I can’t find the words, nor the time to sum it up. But I will be back, and that is definite.

So while I am at home, I am soaking in the good, and breathing out the bad. Australia made me refocused my life and reorder what is important to me. I have amplified the good qualities I carry, and plan on continue to rid myself of the not so great qualities or company I keep. At the end of the day we are all trying to be happy, genuine, and healthy people. Everyday we should work towards it, and that is exactly what I am doing.

(P.S. Canadia is a joke, because many Aussie’s kept saying Canadia instead of Canada – because I said I was Canadian. Just one of my many favourite Aussie-isms) 

Til the next adventure… all the best. xx

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