It’s an echo in the back of my mind,

A constant glowing sound,

That when life’s silence hums around,

It simply begins to come forth,

It’s the background music,

To this seemingly eternal dull moment,

It starts in my mind,

It tickles down my neck,

My spine,

The back of my thighs,

And down to my bare feet,

It’s the goose bumps in the middle of the night,

And the missing of a warm haze,

It floods my mind and my body,

It dry’s my mouth,

My palms begin to sweat,

And grips my mind,

With pure,

Unfiltered emotions,


And thoughts of more,

It’s the calling of more,

More life,

More adventures,

More oceans,

thumb_IMG_6722_1024.jpgAnd more fresh air filling my lungs,

The call of the unknown,

And the call of the more.

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