this enchanting earth

There are many things I’d like to conquer in my time,

The person I’d like to become,

People I would like to prove wrong,

Leave no opportunity unturned,

I’d like the to learn,

From books,

From others,

And from my own meandering mistakes,

I’d like to challenge myself,

And expand my mind,

But in this little expanse of time I have,

In this glimpse of light we call life,

If I can embrace this mesmerizing earth around myself,

I have already conquered all I need to,

I have embraced and learnt all I must,

For once my light has faded,

And time has passed,

This earth will continue to embrace me,

In my deepest slumber,

And it will continue to capture each soul,

Captivate each mind,

and in life all we can simply ask for is acceptance,

From ourselves and from this enchanting earth


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