second self

And occasionally,
I won’t have it all together
I wont know the answer,
And I don’t know why I say or do the things I do,
But I do them without thinking,
Like a second self emerges,
And I am left to deal with the consequences,
Of my own actions,
I’m sorry I don’t know why,
Or how,
Or who I become,
When this strange self comes out to wreck havoc,
But all I can ask,
Is you tolerate me,
Me and my second self,
That you stand by,
And wait for this to pass,
For me to gaze back and smile into those bright eyes,
You’ll know I’m back,
And that this is all I ever meant,
To love you whole,
To piece myself back together,
Regardless of whom I am,
Or what I say,
My second self,
Is still myself.

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