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I suppose it just hit me, that I just competed in the Ontario Powerlifting Junior Provincials this weekend. If you asked me 2 years ago if I would be doing this I would have laughed in your face, because I was a completely different person then. By that I mean I was overweight, drinking every weekend, had very low confidence and disliked myself in a lot of ways. I knew I was in a bad state and I wanted to change, but I didn’t want it bad enough and I didn’t know how to get there. All I knew was that I had to start. Start some where, and not stop until I got there.

So you start small, I did boot camps, extreme dieting and dropped a lot of weight, but not nearly enough for my likes.  I remember playing varsity volleyball at college and tests my ‘maxes’ while all the gym bro’s watched. I was petrified and scared of failure. I squatted 95 pounds, benched maybe 75 pounds, and deadlifted 115 pounds (I seem to remember being very proud of the deadlift too). At this point in my life I was striving to be skinny, to be fit, and to finally get that body I had struggled to want for  19 years.

I suppose it all changed when I realized, I would never weigh 150 pounds, or want that either. When the weights started moving and my body weight became irrelevant. That was my freedom. With that a lot of changes came. I finished college, I moved to Australia for a year, and I found myself.

I found passion, fire, and something within myself that I am certain I would have not found without powerlifting. It takes physical strength to be in this sport, but it also takes mental strength. Something up until now I hadn’t fully comprehended. You can not think of failure, or have doubt. You cannot wish the weights up, or your body weight down. Only you can control it, it is whether you believe you will be successful or not. In the end only you can put in the hours, make time for training, eat properly, be consistent and invest yourself. Start putting yourself first, stop making excuses & go make it happen.

2nd Place in Ontario Provincials for 84 kg women with a 352 lb squat, 155 lb bench, & 379.5 lb deadlift

So my only suggestion is to just start, find the time, make the time, prepare your meals, quit drinking every weekend, take breaks when you need them. But start. It will show you extraordinary things, you will meet extraordinary people, and you will do extraordinary things.

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