say it

I had breakfast today, with an amazing soul. Someone that makes me infinitely happy, and exudes life with the most amazing passion. There is something to be said about how expressing your thoughts, to another person can make you say the things even you weren’t aware you felt. Many of us struggle to find someone we can be 100% comfortable with. Saying anything, personal or not, you can just let the words spill out, knowing there is no judgement on the other end. 

If you find yourself one of these amazing souls, never let them go.

I used to hold a lot of feelings, thoughts and emotions inside. But I also realized I missed out on a lot of times where I could have grown. Saying I liked something, supported it, hated it, disagreed with someone, not voicing my opinion. All being held in, and unsaid because of what? Fear of judgement.

By not saying the thoughts we all hold near and dear, we are holding ourselves back all for someone else’s sake. Why sacrifice your growth because you fear someone else’s reactions?

But thinking aloud, is one of the greatest ways to grow, and shape ourselves. Saying things out loud can make us wrap our heads around the sick little thoughts that twirl in our minds. It can make you commit to something you never would have. It teaches you what you really want and stand for. It also teaches you, tremendous lessons about yourself. It make us realize what truly has been waiting to roll off our tongues. We all have a voice. We all have opinions, thoughts, dreams, and sometimes saying them aloud makes them real. 

Find your person, say the things, feel better, grow. 

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