We are hypnotized,

By the notion,

That someone else’s life,

Is far superior to ours,

That their life is easier,

Or more effortless,

Or even better,

But where does this notion stem from?


From our silly little minds,

The small boxes we compartmentalize ourselves into,

You are not small,

Nor is your mind,

But what we refuse to believe,

Is that we to,

Can do all those things,


If only we broke down those boxes,

And expanded,

Beyond our minds,

And instead of longing for someone else’s life,

We grew into our own,

We shaped ourselves,

And became hypnotized by the way,

We long to fill our lives,

With fulfillment,

And depth,

And conquering the boundaries we set,

And all that our small minds once deemed undoable,

Is now done effortlessly,

Making us whole,

Making us,

Hypnotizingly us.

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