Alright, I know I haven’t posted in forever and a day but, life has been happening! It feels like I’ve been running and running and haven’t even had time to check in with myself (and all of you) for a little loving + a little self talk. 
By that I mean, I’m sitting on my hostel bunk bed typing this on my 4% charger phone and thought I’d give you an update. So Kia Ora! I’m in New Zealand! Yay go me! I’m actually so stoked to be here, like it only took me 5 years of obsessing and planning to make it happen. But I am ‘Paula All or Nothing Norton’ so of course I’ll make it happen. All in good time. 
So how did I end up here? Well a year of working, saving, budgeting, powerlifting, falling madly in love, out of love, travelling and everything else you could think of I ended up here. It had been a long year at home, but honestly I don’t think there has been any point in my life that I could say ‘that time in my life taught me nothing’. I competed nationally in Canada in powerlifting, I travelled all over Switzerland, San Francisco, and Iceland, and I met my now boyfriend. All very life changing things, and all things that can definitely change your ‘end game’. But the one thing that still remained was that I was coming to New Zealand, come hell or high water. 
So here I sit, in Auckland after 37 hours of travel. It was an emotional time, but my will it be worth it. I have a 23 month working holiday visa and a plan to buy a van, and that is about it. So let the adventuring begin friends! 

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