she is back

I haven’t posted in a very long time. I suppose I thought this part of me was dead, the part where I write and I am not ashamed to open up and jot down my thoughts, and let anyone in the world read them. Maybe I know more than I did when I started this blog, but somehow I lost my love to sit and just write. Or maybe I lost the part where I had clear coherent thoughts at all, and had thoughts that I thought other people would value? A lot has changed in my year and a half absence.

It’s interesting that I started this blog out of pure enjoyment, and lust for writing. What made me pause was losing all lust and enjoyment for life. I temporarily paused it all for someone else. So this is me recommitting to myself again. Here I am. Accountable as ever, and taking back the creative mind I let grow weary, and collect dust. She is back. 

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