thumb_IMG_3816_1024I am a 21 year old redheaded Canadian. I’m a nature loving gal with a passion for life. I love adventure and everything that it entails. I am a fitness enthusiast and enjoy weight lifting and yoga. I am forever trying to broaden my horizons with reading, writing and poetry. I am a coffee addict, potentially turned ‘snob’. I believe that if you love life, it’ll love you back. I hope that this blog tells you a bit about myself and leaves you a little more inspired.

Travel is in my blood, my mind, and my soul. Whether it be a day trip, to re-exploring your neighbourhood, or flying around the world, travel, much like life, it is what you make it.

‘you are the first and the last of your kind.’  – alt – j

travel/ nature/ coffee/ adventure/ ocean sits/ silliness/ gym/ baking/ mountains/ weight lifting/ randomness/ photography/ ferns/ poetry/ laughs/ cardio avoiding/ more coffee/ books/ nonsense

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